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Government Shutdown Looms: What You Need to Know

Impacts on Federal Employees and the American People
The government is on the verge of a shutdown due to Congress's funding deal deadlock
Federal agencies are preparing to cease nonessential functions.
Each agency has unique plans for furloughed employees, essential workers, and shutdown procedures.
Potential impacts range from air travel disruptions to water supply concerns.
Over 4 million federal employees may face financial strain if unpaid during a shutdown.
Previous shutdowns forced employees to return holiday gifts, miss mortgage payments, and accumulate debt.
Many federal workers live paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford even a single missed payday.
The American Federation of Government Employees, representing 750,000 members, urges Congress to pass a budget and prevent a government-wide shutdown.
Impacted workers include health care professionals, law enforcement officers, TSA agents, and more.